Susana Meireles has always had a deep desire and a personal motivation to realise her vision of a sustainable, beautiful and functional world.


Her work is influenced by her Portuguese roots and family, as well as her extensive professional experience.


With a degree in Economics and an MBA, she worked for the National State Agency promoting the foreign trade and investment of various Portuguese products, soon developing a love and passion for all things genuine.  Her experience as a consultant in the private sector for national and multinational companies has been the root of her business acumen and organizational skills.


Her passion and eagerness to meet challenges head-on led to the creation of the Godwit project, a pioneering company conceived and created to present unique creations of superior quality and perfection to the world, following the best traditions and handicraft practices and techniques from different regions of Portugal.


All of her projects are born from different inspirations but retain a constant of a classic yet contemporary design, staying loyal to handmade perfection and using an exquisite selection of materials, including the use of embroidery, lace and weaving.


Her journey of inspiration culminated with the launch of Godwit in 2018.

Matilde Cabral is a very versatile professional. In 2003, she graduated in Law, in Porto, but soon her vocation led her to the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, graduating in 2007 in Fashion and Textile, having worked in several studios since then.


She has immersed herself in study and work within the fields of culture and fashion in the Netherlands and Belgium, developing her own collections, such as her Bamboo Collection for example, which showcased at Amsterdam Fashion Week and Pulchri Studio.


She later perfected her skills in product development and production after returning to Portugal in 2009, where she worked enthusiastically in the textile and leather industry, seeking out the technical skills of craftsman and manufacturers. During this period Matilde led the design of children's collections, womenswear, shoes, accessories, as well as a number of collections for the largest national fashion company, where she worked as head designer.


In 2015 she founded FASHIONOFFICE. The goal of which is to bring young independent Portuguese designers to the main stages of the design world. The project showcases the country’s most promising talents by initiating collaborations with local industries in order to reinvent traditional manufacturing techniques.

In early 2017 Matilde began her collaboration with Susana and engaged in the design and development of the first pieces for Godwit.

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